Using Skype on a Chromebook

Using Skype on a ChromebookUsing Skype on a Chromebook is not as easy as downloading Skype and connecting your account like it is on Windows, MacOS or Linux. Chromebooks cannot run Skype natively. However, it is possible that Chromebook users can use Skype a few different ways. While you can’t make video or voice calls using Skype on a Chromebook, you can hold chats or manage contacts in your browser.

They can run the Skype Web App or that they can use use a special  Google tool to package Android apps for Chrome OS. Lastly, Google is starting to have Chromebooks that run Android Apps. There may be a version of Skype for Chromebooks that runs natively sooner than later. Skype on a Chromebook may be a permanent app as more and more Chromebooks can run Android apps. If you are using Skype frequently, it may be best to buy a Chromebook compatible webcam.


Using Skype Web App on Chromebook

Microsoft now provides a version of Skype (known as the Skype Web App which runs on Chromebooks) that works directly in a browser, and even works for Chromebooks. The web app is a beta version of Skype and the video calling does not work good in Chromebooks. However, as Microsoft continues to develop this version of Skype, it might become a very good option for Skype Chromebook users and in the future until there is a native version of Skype for ChromeOS. You can head to in your browser, login, and start using instant messenger (limited voice and video Skype calls on Chromebooks).


Instructions for Skype on the Chromebook

It is quite simple to use Skype on the Chromebook. Here, only the call through the Web page and registered users is necessary. If you can already have a username, login with password is required. After the charging process, Skype opens into contains familiar environment. The browser requires the allowing of desktop notifications and the possibility to use the built-in microphone of the Chromebook. The former option does a choice there in my eyes, if you would like to be informed about incoming calls.


Downside of Using Skype on a Chromebook

On Windows and Mac, Skype for Web offers support for voice and video calls using a plug-in. This is the same way that Skype offered voice calls on, and the same way Google used to offer voice calls in Gmail with Google Talk. But Chromebooks can’t install older browser plug-ins like this—it’s the same reason why you can’t install the Java web plug-in on a Chromebook. That means Chromebooks are left out of Skype voice and video chats, for now.


Text Messages on Chromebook Skype

In the past, it was already possible to exchange at least text messages with the Web application by Skype. It is undisputed that this can be in today’s age, and in the light of the other functions of Skype is not satisfactory. Because also the hangout provided by Google is a worthy solution, was gladly referred to this alternative. So it is not surprising that according to latest reports the possibility has been created now, Skype running in the browser to allow. However video calls are not supported currently still but may be possible once Chromebooks run Skype as an Android app.


Android Skype App on Chromebook

Google is working on an Android runtime for Chrome. Ultimately, this is a compatibility layer designed to let you run any Android app directly on Chrome OS, giving Chromebooks access to all the Android apps that exist. It doesn’t work perfectly just yet and requires some fiddling, but it’s an option.


Installing Skype Android App

Skype has an Android app, and you can now install that Android app on Chrome OS. If you have an Android device, you can install Skype for Android and the ARChon Packager app. This is not reccomended for beginning Chromebook users and the install of Skype on a Chromebook requires some more advanced techniques.  The packager app can then package up the Skype Android app into a Chrome app. You can then share the generated app using Android’s share feature and upload it to Google Drive, where it will be available on your Chromebook’s Files app.

  1. First, install the Archon runtime on your Chromebook.
  2. Next, extract the Skype app and install it by opening the Extensions page in Chrome, activating “Developer mode,” and using the “Load unpacked extension” button. This is probably the easiest option.
  3. If you just have a Chromebook, you can use the twerk Chrome app for this. You’ll just have to get an official Skype APK file to package it with. (Note that the “Developer mode” option here just activates some additional features on the Extensions page. It’s different from the “Developer Mode”  feature below that allows you to install Linux.)