Dell Chromebook 11 4GB Chromebook Review

Dell Chromebook 4GB

Dell Chromebook 11 4GB Chromebook Specifications

Display: 11.6″ 1366×768, 135.1 PPI
Battery: 10 hours
Dimensions: 29.46 x 20.07 x 2.46 cm (11.6 x 7.9 x 0.97 in)
Weight: 1.32 kg (2.9 lb)
CPU: Intel Celeron 2955U Haswell dual core @ 1.4GHz
Storage: 16GB SSD
Wireless: 802.11a/b/g/n dual band and Bluetooth 4.0
Connectivity: 2MP WebcamMicrophone
3.5mm Headset JackGigabit EthernetHDMIUSB 3.0 x 2SD Card Reader

Dell Chromebook 11 4GB Review

This is Chromebook is practically the same as the more common Dell Chromebook 11 2GB. The only difference is that this version comes standard with 4GB of RAM over 2GB of RAM. The added RAM will be nice for users who intend on browsing with many tabs open or using their Chromebook with Linux. The extra RAM will provide a nice performance boost and speed things up.

For basic Chromebook users, the Dell Chromebook 11 2GB should perform excellent and the extra RAM is not needed for basic web browsing and email.

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Dell Chromebook 11 4GB Review
  • 9.1/10
    Performance - 9.1/10
  • 9.2/10
    Design and Features - 9.2/10
  • 9.3/10
    Battery - 9.3/10
  • 8.2/10
    Screen - 8.2/10
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