Using Zoom and a Chromebook

zoom chromebook chromeosMany individuals are using video conferencing software. Google Chromebooks work awesome with Hangouts. Users may want to use Zoom which is increasingly popular. Both Zoom and Hangouts are usable on Chromebooks without needing to install any extension, but the extension goes a long way toward making the experience feel more native.

The good news is that there is a dedicated Zoom app for ChromeOS. This makes using Zoom on a Chromebook very easy. The Zoom application on Chrome OS allows users to start or join meetings from their Chromebook. Using Zoom on a Chromebook is very easy! Get the Zoom app on your Chromebook today so you are ready for your next Zoom meeting.


How to download Zoom on a Chromebook

To start using Zoom on your Chromebook you will need to download the ChromeOS version of the Zoom app. Install the Zoom app from the Google Chrome store. (Here’s more info about adding apps to Chromebook.)

Using Zoom on ChromeOS

Go to the app launcher and click on Zoom. Then you can sign-in with your Zoom credentials.  Join a test meeting to ensure your camera and mic are connected and that your internet connection is stable.

Once you’re connected, you’ll be able to immediately begin participating in your Zoom meeting. A few other tips for anyone using Zoom’s Chromebook app:

  • Always upgrade to the latest version of Chrome OS for the best performance.
  • Reduce the number of open tabs and apps to avoid spreading out your CPU usage.
  • Avoid connecting multiple monitors to minimize CPU load constraints.

Other Features of Zoom on a Chromebook

Zoom for Chromebook offers much of the same great Zoom functionality as Windows or Mac desktop. You can:

  • Join audio/video
  • Manage participants
  • Invite others to join
  • Control screen share
  • Use the in-meeting chat
  • Pin a participant’s video
  • Start or stop your video
  • Switch to Gallery View

There are also some settings in place to ensure the best experience for using Chromebooks in a classroom setting.

Upgrading a Chromebook Video Camera

If you are using Zoom or another video-conferencing software. It may be useful to upgrade the Chromebooks internal video camera to something better. Below see an article on some of the best Chromebook video cameras for video conferencing. You may also want to check out using Skype on a Chromebook.


  1. Every time that I use Zoom, it slows down and states that ” high CPU usage.” The screen freezes but I can still hear people talking. Is there anything I can do with my Dell Chromebook to stop this?

    • same problem. got a new chromebook and it stopped. i had a samsung that did the same thing so i think only this chromebook is immune. I got lenovo yoga 11e chromebook thinkpad.

  2. I have had nothing but trouble with zoom on Chromebook! So incredibly irritating because it does not use the same menus, dropdown lists or provide the ease of use that zoom on phone or pc do. Just downloaded their “NEW” pwa app, cannot even find contacts, and they do not give options for contact lists from different email programs! Record button is missing. The tutorials use the old menus. Dropdowns have one or two options. WTF. Settings lists are all different! DISASTER!!!


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