Using Caps Lock on a Chromebook

caps lock key chromebookOne thing that jumps our for many new Chromebook users is that there is no Caps Lock key on a Chromebook. Chromebooks come with a Search key instead Caps Lock. They also do not have Delete keys. A common question from Chromebook owners is “where is the caps lock key?” or “how can I use caps lock on a Chromebook?”

The good news that there are a few keyboard shortcut tricks that will let you use the Caps Lock key on a Chromebook. Since Chromebooks don’t have a dedicated caps lock key, like some other computers do, you’ll have to use a keyboard shortcut to turn on the caps lock feature.


How to Use the Caps Lock Key on a Chromebook?

You can turn caps lock on and off on your Chromebook with keyboard shortcuts.To turn on caps lock on a Chromebook, you’ll need to use a specific keyboard shortcut — there is no caps lock button. When you turn on caps lock, you’ll see a pop-up confirmation message on your Chromebook’s screen.

1. Hit Alt + search (the magnifying glass or Assistant icon), the latter of which is in the place you’d look for a Caps Lock key. You’ll see an arrow appear on the bottom right notifications bar and a pop-up will alert you that Caps Lock is on.

2. Tap Shift to turn off Caps Lock.

3. Alternatively, you can also tap Alt + Search to turn Caps Lock off, or tap on the time icon in the bottom right corner, and click Caps Lock is on.

To change any keyboard combination, including how to turn on Caps Lock, tap the notifications bar on the bottom right. Then tap Settings > Keyboard Settings to change the behavior of any of the special keys.

Have you encountered any problems with your Chromebook keyboard? Are there any keys you can’t find?

How to use the Delete Key on a Chromebook?

The Chromebook keyboard does not have a Delete key as well. You can use the keyboard shortcut ALT + BACKSPACE as a replacement.

  • ALT + BACKSPACE:    Delete the next letter (forward delete)
  • CTRL + BACKSPACE: Delete the previous word


Other Useful Chromebook Keyboard Shortcuts

There are a few other things to know about using a Chromebook keyboard. This includes getting a new keyboard in case you really liked the caps lock key. There are also some other shortcuts.



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