Unlock Chromebook with a PIN

Unlock Chromebook with a PINA new improvement within the ChromeOS settings now allows you to quickly unlock your Chromebook by entering a PIN code. Up until now, users could protect their Chromebook by entering either using their Google account password or by using a paired smartphone to unlock it. There’s now a third option: a simple personal identification number.

Using a PIN to unlock Chromebook

The feature is still experimental, but that it should make things slightly easier for users. Rather than trying to remember and plug in long, complex passwords, the new experimental feature currently being tested in the latest Chrome OS developer update will allow users to plug in a simple PIN, much like they would do so for a credit or debit card. Every time you have to unlock your Chromebook, or any other different Chrome OS device, you are forced to enter your Google account password. If you wish to change the way you wish you to unlock your device, then you should check the instructions below.

PIN on a Chromebook to Unlock

Previously, each and every time you unlock a Chromebook, it requires you to type in your full Google password. This can be an incredibly onerous process if your Google password is a complex, hard-to-guess password( it is recommended that you use a complicated password to protect your Google account) Instead, you can set your Chromebook to be unlocked from sleep with a PIN number. Using a PIN number to unlock a Chromebook will save you some time.


ChromeOS 54 Brings PIN Unlock on Chromebooks

If you frequently place your Chromebook in standby mode, you will not want to do without the security of the device. To date, it was necessary to enter the Google Account Password, which could be a bit “annoying”. From now on, it is possible to store a four-digit PIN code to speed up the request and unlock. For this purpose, an appropriate function has been integrated into the flags in the current stable version, which can be activated if required.


Activate the PIN function on Chromebook

It’s fairly simple and experienced Chromebook users already know the settings of the “flags” within the ChromeOS system. These are usually experimental settings, which are to be enjoyed with caution. However, the current setting in the stable ChromeOS version 54 should be easily usable, but this must still be activated manually by the user:


How to Use PIN on Chromebook

To access the feature, you’ll need to dig into Chrome OS flags and perform the following steps. Chrome flags do, of course, present a minor risk if you mess with the wrong ones, but as long as you’re careful you should be fine.

  • Enable the flag – chrome://flags/#quick-unlock-pin
  • Restart Chrome
  • Head over to the Chrome Material Design settings page to set up your unique PIN for the Lock Screen feature
  • Under the new “Screen Lock” section, set up your unique numeric Lock Screen PIN
  • Finally, lock your screen with [magnifying glass key] + L
  • Try out your new “Quick unlock” feature and unlock the Chrome OS using your new PIN code




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