List of Free Graphics Editors for Chrome OS

List of Free Graphics Editors for Chrome OSChromebooks are so popular because many modern software applications can run directly in a web browser. People often ask if you can edit photos on a Chromebook. You certainly can! However, the same cannot be said for many high quality graphic design applications. Do you like editing and tweaking images but find the Chromebook’s default editor too limited? Here are some alternatives. There are special Chromebook Graphics editors that ChromeOS users can use to edit pictures and photos that work very well.



Editing Pictures on a Chromebook

The default editor on a Chromebook is extremely basic. It is opened by running the image viewer and clicking on the pencil icon, but beyond auto-enhance, crop, brightness, and contrast there are no further options available. Many of the applications can be considered Adobe Photoshop replacements for Chromebooks.


List of Chromebook Graphic Editors

Boxy SVG – a vector graphics editor that can be used for a multitude of projects. With Boxy SVG, you can also import fonts quickly from Google Fonts and customize keyboard shortcuts.

EvolveUI – Yet another vector graphics editor, EvolveUI is more on the simple side and offers in-app purchases. As far as I know, it is also relatively new.

Icons8 – service that offers flat icons for you to download. Unfortunately only paying members can download otherwise locked icons, but those under the categories labeled “Free SVG” are available for download in a number of file formats. Also, you can customize the icons by changing their color and adding overlays, text, and effects.

InPaint – Have a photo that would be perfect if you removed a certain object or person from it? InPaint allows you to get rid of them, as well as watermarks, blemishes, date stamps, and more.

Janvas – With Janvas, you can create vector graphics in HTML, SVG, and PHP. This service is completely free until its newest version is released, so make use of it while you can!

Photo Pea – This service is cool because it opens PSD and XCF file formats and saves PSDs as well. While the tool selection could be more advanced, you definitely shouldn’t knock this one.

Canva – a service that helps you make cards, blog graphics, Facebook covers, and so much more. For the lazier designers, there are several templates in each category to give you a head start. Sign up required.

Einked – While its text tool is limited, Einked has multiple layer support and offers all the basic tools needed for creating vector graphics. From what I’ve seen, this editor is relatively new, so it will likely have more to offer when an updated version is available.

Lucidpress – A design tool that allows you to create graphics for printing and digital use. Free users are given 25 MB of storage. Sign up required.

Method Draw – another vector graphics editor on the simple side.

Pixlr – The Messiah of cloud-based image editors, many articles, blogs, and r/chromeos posts refer to Pixlr as “Photoshop, but free”.

Polarr – a web-based alternative to Lightroom.

Photo Raster – An AWESOME advanced photo editor that includes most of the tools you would find in Photoshop. Unfortunately, it seems the latest version of Photo Raster will be the last (the team behind it hasn’t been active on social media since 2013), but it is a pretty darn good replacement to Photoshop nonetheless. Signup required.

Picozu – Built entirely on HTML5, Picozu has drawing capabilities, image retouching tools, and the power to import to and from Facebook, Google Drive, and more. You can also install plugins and filters to add more to the editor interface.

PicMonkey – an easy-to-use photo editor that features touch ups, overlays, and textures.

SketchPort – A website built for digital drawing. You can create raster and vector graphics with Sketchport, as well as participate in challenges and share you inspirations with other SketchPort users.

Sumo Paint – See Pixlr.

SVG-Edit – Available via Github, SVG-Edit can be run in Chrome and includes features such as freehand drawing, stylable text, and curved paths. – converts raster graphics to SVGs.

Vectr – Still in beta, this platform is yet another simple vector graphics editor.

FotoJet – allows you to make collages, create professional graphic designs, and edit images.

Gravit – This editor is one of the most, if not most, comprehensive of all the ones I’ve come across. Just by looking at Gravit’s homepage, you can see that it promises tools for screen design, vector illustration, etc. Sign up is required, but other than that, this platform seems too good to be true.

Desygner – Like Canva, Desyner is an online design tool that comes with several templates for banners, business cards, etc. Sign up required.


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