How to Install and Uninstall Chromebook Apps

How to Install and Uninstall Chromebook AppsChrome OS computers use Web applications, known as apps, instead of traditional software programs. Apps are accessed and used inside your Web browser. Traditional software cannot be installed on a Chrome OS device. Visit the Chrome Web Store (in English) for other apps that can be installed on your device.



Installing Apps on Chromebook

Most apps in the Chrome Web Store are available for free. Other apps cost money and require a Google Wallet account for either a one-time payment or, in some cases, a recurring subscription fee.

Adding Chromebook Apps from Chrome Web Store

In the Chrome Web Store, apps marked with a green ADDED banner in the upper left corner are already installed on your Chromebook. The Chrome Web Store opens in a new tab. Locate the app you want to install by entering the app name in the Search Apps box, or by scrolling through pages and collections in the app store. Removing apps or extensions from your Chromebook is easy!


Uninstall Apps on Chromebook

If you find that you no longer need a particular app or extension, you can easily remove it from your Chromebook.

Uninstall Chromebook apps

  1. Click the apps list  icon in the launcher at the bottom of the screen.
  2. Find your app in the list and right-click (click with two fingers on a Chromebook) its icon.
  3. Select Remove from Chrome.

Uninstall Chrome extensions

  1. Click the Chrome menu on the browser toolbar.
  2. Select Tools.
  3. Select Extensions.
  4. On the Extensions page that appears, click the trash can icon for the extension you’d like to remove.

If your extension appears as a button on the browser toolbar, you can also right-click (or click with two fingers on a Chromebook) its icon and select Remove from Chrome.

You can also temporarily disable the extension, instead of removing it altogether. On the Extensions page, deselect the “Enabled” checkbox for the extension.


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