How To Change Password On A Chromebook

How To Change Password On A ChromebookChromebook passwords are the same password that you use on Gmail and other Google products. You can’t have a password that’s different than your Google password for your Chromebook. The Chromebook is tied to the Google Ecosystem and uses your Google account credentials. This is how you get tied into Gmail, Google Docs, etc. on a Chromebook.

The only way to have a different password would be to use a different Gmail or Google Apps account, but that would defeat the purpose of using the Chromebook in the first place.

How to Change Chromebook Password

There is no particular password for a Chromebook. Your Gmail (or Google Account) password takes the place of a Chromebook password, so in order to change the “Chromebook” password, you need to change your Gmail (or Google Account) password.

You can go here, or you can click on your picture in the upper right hand corner of any Google service page, click Account and click on the Security tab.
While you’re changing your password, please set up your Recovery and alerts and consider enabling 2-step verification. A little forethought now can save you a huge migraine headache if you ever forget your password or if someone tries to hack your account.

Steps to Change Chromebook Password

  1. Launch Chrome. …
  2. Select your profile picture in the upper right corner.
  3. Select Google Account.
  4. Select Sign-in & security.
  5. Scroll down to the Signing in to Google section.
  6. Select Password.
  7. Enter your current password, then select Next.

Logging in After Changing Chromebook Password

Once you’re done changing your password, sign out of your Chromebook and then sign back in with your new credentials. If you are logging into your Chromebook for the first time after changing your Google Account password, you will be asked to enter your old password first. The Chromebook will then ask you for the new password twice. Enter the new password and it will validate the password and let you login and use the Chromebook. Note: If you do not enter the old password, your local storage will be deleted. This is the normal behavior. However, sometimes this can get a little tricky, especially if your Chromebook was offline when you changed your Google account password from elsewhere.

Changing Chromebook Password for Supervised Users

You can control and view the websites others visit in Chrome by creating a supervised user account. A supervised user is different than a Google Account. Using supervised users is one way to setup parental controls on a Chromebook.

Sadly there currently isn’t an easy method to change the password of a Chromebook supervised user.  My recommendation for a quick fix is to delete and create the account again.  Not pretty but it will work. This is a really good idea and should be mentioned as a request.  Please click the ‘feedback’ button in the , Supervised Users Manage page, in the lower left hand corner and let them know about it.


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