Delete files from Images, Videos, Audio folder on Chromebook

delete-files-from-chromebook-android-app-managerOn Chromebooks that have Play Store enabled, you will now see some new folders if you open the Files app. In the left column, you will see folders named Images, Videos, and Audio. In the past, only the Downloads folder was shown for local files stored on your internal drive. If you open the Files app, you can see the files in these folders, open them, and copy them. But, you cannot delete them. Currently, these folders are read-only for ChromeOS. The files come from Android apps, and the subfolders are created by those apps. They are similar to what you will find on your phone, although the top level folders may be named differently.

Delete files and folders on Chromebook

  1. Click the App Launcher icon in the bottom-left corner. The App Launcher appears.
  2. Locate the Files icon and click it. …
  3. Select the file that you wish to delete by clicking or tapping the file once.
  4. Click the trash can icon located in the bottom-right corner of the Files app window.

Use an Android file manager app to delete files

The first technique is to use an Android file manager app, or the Android app that created the file. Whatever app you used to create the files should also be able to delete any files you don’t want to keep. Some apps, however, do not have built in file management functions.
For a more comprehensive solution, install an Android file manager app. If you have an Android phone, you might already have a favorite file manager app. There are dozens of them available in the Play Store. This shows most of them:
Like any app that you install, you should carefully read the ratings and reviews, and make sure the app is being updated regularly. I tend to avoid apps that have not been updated for months. Since ChromeOS is now allowing apps to be resized, you should also look for ones that have that feature, and provide layouts for tablets. They will typically utilize the screen space more effectively.  Some of the managers are extremely complex and include links to Drive, Dropbox, and other cloud storage. They might include FTP and other file transfer abilities. To help find the better file manager apps, you can use Google to search for comparisons and “best” lists.
Once you install the file manager app, you can navigate through the Android folders as well as the ChromeOS Downloads folder. This will give you the ability to delete files and also to copy or move files between the Android environment and the ChromeOS environment.

Change ChromeOS Settings

The second solution is to use ChromeOS Settings. This was documented by other experts.

Go to settings > Google Play Store >  manage Android preferences. Now you’re into the Android settings > click on storage > images. You could also click on apps > click on Instagram for example to delete those images. You can delete them from here by clicking to select > delete icon top right. You can also go to settings > device > storage management > Android storage


  1. how do i stop my chromebook from using the built in app for opening rar files? i don’t like it, and it is forcing me to use it because whenever i chose a rar file it pins it up-i can’t stop it or cancel it-please help!

  2. I dont know how to delete the pics and i want to because people have ben getting into my chromebook and I have all of my work pics in my chromebook so I need to delete them because i the pics at work so I dont really need them so Like i need to know how to delete pics and FAST!!!

  3. I can delete pictures but for some reason, I can’t delete videos. Also, the delete button only appears when you are in the list view rather than the thumbnail view

  4. I just found it how
    So just go to the camera, take a picture and you will able delete all the videos or the images from the past. You will see the trash icon on the top

  5. I appreciate the link for the File Managers of which I found an easy, graphical one that I installed and have used. It is perfect as is the article.

  6. I appreciate the link for the File Managers of which I found an easy, graphical one that I installed and have used. It is perfect as is the article.

  7. You have to go into your downloads in the files app, and when you click on an image or video a trash can should pop up in the top right section of the window.

  8. I was able to delete a snip it by going to play files, but when I go to images, its still there. Also, i noticed that when i go to files, it’s in read only. How can I remove this from read only to regular mode so that I can edit ro delete?

  9. I was using a video app to record, once i went on that app and deleted them from there it deleted them from the files too.

  10. If you want to get rid of photos what I do is powerwash the chrome book and then resign in to the chromebook and if you open files the all the images are gone But if there some images you want to keep send it to your email first then when you resign in you can saved those photos by email. I hope this works for some people

  11. You have to go to the camera and then click on your photos under the like take the photo thing, then click the picture you want to delete and click the trash can, and it’s gone… YOUR WELCOME!

  12. I just did it…just follow the last part of what the article said…”You can also go to settings > device > storage management > Android storage”

    It worked!
    Thank you.

  13. I don’t have the trashcan icon either so there is no way for me to delete a pic….
    Don’t you guys have any ideas to help me cos I know that I have deleted files before but I have forgotten how to delete one.

  14. click on the file you would like to delete and drag it to downloads. once you got it there press on the right side of the mouse and left at the same time and it will give you the option to delete them.

  15. I went into my Chromebook settings and I click on advanced. Then I clicked on files and in files you will scroll down and find an option to “Disconnect your Google Drive Account”. I toggled the switch so that it’s on and the folders are still on my computer but it did appear to remove the files out of them. This worked for me and I’m not sure if it will for other people but I hope it does. Best wishes and good luck.

  16. were is the trash???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  17. Files in the Recent, Images, Videos and Audio folders are viewable only and can’t be deleted directly in those folders.

    this is what i see lol pls help

  18. If you want to delete your files and you do not have the trash can all you have to do is double click it with your mouse or if you do not have a mouse use your other mouse that is on your computer and then Double click it and then it will say delete and then press delete and then your good bam you guy’s happy now?

  19. Does anyone know what to do I am trying to delete a picture in my files and it doesn’t give me the trash can icon all it gives me is the option to share it with others I don’t what this shit is but I am fucking frusterated.

    • Hey, i dont know if this will help but dont go to “Audios” find the audio in downloads and then tap it, then there should be a trashcan option, its basically just a trashcan icon, not actually saying “delete”. i hope it helps if not im pretty sure ur admin has blocked it

  20. Hey, i dont know if this will help but dont go to “Audios” find the audio in downloads and then tap it, then there should be a trashcan option, its basically just a trashcan icon, not actually saying “delete”. i hope it helps if not im pretty sure ur admin has blocked it

  21. click on the file. then go to “open” in the task bar. choose “open with gallery” and when it opens you’ll see a trash can above the video/pic.

  22. The file is in my Google Drive. I don’t want to delete the file per se; I want to delete the image thumbnail on Files>Images.

  23. right click on the file under images and click on go to file location. Thatś where you will have the option to delete the file.

  24. Okay y’all, what ya gotta do is hold the ctrl button while clicking all of the pictures/images you want to delete, okay then when you have clicked all that, hit the trash can image at the top of the box. Okay y’all? Thanks hope this worked!

  25. I think i’ve figure it out.
    The problem is that you can’t delete files in the folders “Audio”, “Images”, “Videos”, etc.. So you have to find the files you want to delete on Google Drive >>> My Disk, and the you can delete them just clicking on the trash can.
    Makes no sense at all but i’ve finally removed the files i wanted to.

  26. want to delete some pictures go to you clock then you see a like boy it called accessibillty go in then you see high con put con then you get a new tab then you see a like pen go in the pen go to the first thing then you see there 3 … go on them you will see selet all go there then our going to see open go one open then you will see a trash can then you can delete the pictures 🙂 hope it helped:))

  27. *YOU HAVE TO GO TO DOWNLOADS* you cant select all and then delete when you click images– so you click downloads -> select all -> the trash can icon on the top!!!!

  28. If the images is through an app go to play files at the bottom and select the category and app it is from. For instance I had pictures from an app called Picsart. I went to play files, the folder picsart, and then I was able to delete everything from in there

  29. this is what helps me from the chromebook community

    Go into Settings (your chromebook )> Google Play Store(under apps) > Manage Android preferences > Storage
    From there, you can navigate to the Images folder and delete the files. (mine was snapseed) tried all other options but this what works for me

  30. This worked for me.
    On a chomebook go into your Drive, select the files there, click on the trash can to delete.
    You can take it to another step…in Drive again, click on the trash folder, delete again to be permanant.

    It is a matter of
    1) going to my chromebook settings
    2) then to google play store
    3) then to Manage Android Storage
    4) then to “Internal Shared Storage”
    5) From there click on videos or images, etc,
    6) then click the video/image/etc you want to delete
    7) then click on the trash icon


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