Crouton and Running Linux OS on Chromebook

install linux on a chromebookIt is possible to run Linux and other operating systems on a Chromebook. Installing Ubuntu Linux on your Chromebook isn’t as simple as installing the standard Ubuntu system—at least not at the moment. You’ll need to choose a project developed specially for Chromebooks.Here are some helpful links if you’re interested in Crouton or running an “other linux OS” on Chromebooks:

We will use a third-party script called crouton to install Ubuntu using a chroot, giving Ubuntu its own “pretend” root directory system on your machine. This lets you run ChromeOS and Ubuntu side-by-side, being able to flip between the two on-the-fly.


What is Linux on a Chromebook?

Linux is a popular open source operating system. It can run on a variety of computers, including Chromebooks. Linux is the best-known and most-used open source operating system. As an operating system, Linux is software that sits underneath all of the other software on a computer, receiving requests from those programs and relaying these requests to the computer’s hardware


What is Crouton for Chromebook?

Crouton allows you to use Chrome OS while having a standard Linux environment with all its command-line tools and desktop applications a few keystrokes away. Crouton is a set of scripts that bundle up into an easy-to-use, Chromium OS-centric chroot generator. Currently Ubuntu and Debian are supported (using debootstrap behind the scenes), but “Chromium OS Debian, Ubuntu, and Probably Other Distros Eventually Chroot Environment” doesn’t acronymize as well (crodupodece is admittedly pretty fun to say, though).

It stands for ChRomium Os Universal chrooT envirONment …or something like that. Do capitals really matter if caps-lock has been (mostly) banished, and the keycaps are all lower-case?

Anyone who wants to run straight Linux on their Chromium OS device, and doesn’t care about physical security. You’re also better off having some knowledge of Linux tools and the command line in case things go funny, but it’s not strictly necessary.


What is ChrUbuntu (Crouton vs ChrUbuntu)?

“Crouton…the huge advantage is that it runs on top of Chrome OS, and in the same time with Chrome OS. Therefore, it uses the kernel provided by Chrome OS, all the drivers from Chrome OS, and everything else that is provided by Chrome OS, and so everything should be working just fine and it’s extremely fast. When I say extremely fast, I mean that it’s one of the fastest experiences I’ve seen to date on a computer running Ubuntu…


What is Bodhi Linux (ChrUbuntu or Bodhi Linux)?

How to Install Linux on an Acer C720 Chromebook (Bodhi Linux or ChrUbuntu) – “In the end, you’ll wind up with either a dual booting Chromebook (in the case of ChrUbuntu) or a single boot system (with Bodhi). With the dual boot, you retain the simplicity of ChromeOS, with the addition of the power and flexibility of Ubuntu. The Bodhi installation will give you more space for your Linux needs, at the cost of ChromeOS. If you want to try a different flavor of Linux, Bodhi is perfect for the Chromebook….Why would you opt for Bodhi? This flavor of Linux is a very minimalist take on an already minimalist platform and will give you an incredibly fast and efficient machine.”


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