Chromebook Not Updating Correctly

Chromebooks should generally updated automatically by downloading the latest ChromeOS updates from Google. Chrome devices automatically update to the latest version of Chrome OS available for the specified release channel. The release channels are stable, beta, and dev. We recommend that your organization uses the stable release, whenever possible. Learn more about best practices for managing Chrome device auto-updates. There are two common causes for a Chromebook not updating when it should be:


Reasons why a Chromebook will not Update

1. Your Chromebook is connected to a cellular network (will explain later)
2. Your Chromebook sat on a shelf at Best Buy for a year before you bought it, and it’s firmware is so old it can’t upgrade to the latest version

When your Chromebook checks for updates, it sends certain information to Google, like its version number and language. This information isn’t associated with you or your Google Account.

Installing Chromebook Updates

Your Chromebook automatically downloads software updates when it’s turned on and connected to Wi-Fi. After an update is downloaded, you need to install it:

  1. Look in the status area, where your account picture appears, for the Update icon. This icon shows only when an update is ready.
  2. Click Update
    Restart to update.

Note: If your Chromebook is connected to a mobile hotspot or using mobile data, it won’t automatically check for updates or download them. You can check for and install updates before the next automatic update:

  1. Click the status area, where your account picture appears.
  2. Click Settings Settings and then About Chrome OS.
  3. In the “About” window that appears, click Check for and apply updates. Your Chromebook will start to install any available updates.
  4. After the updates are installed, click Restart to update.

To confirm that your Chromebook is up to date, you can check the “About” window.

Checking Latest Version of ChromeOS

You can also manually check by clicking the area with the time on the bottom right, clicking on “Settings” and then selecting the Menu and clicking “About Chrome OS.” After that, you can click “Check for Updates” and that will then check for the newest updates, and refresh your Chromebook.


How to Force Chromebook to Update

  1. Turn on your Chromebook.
  2. Connect your Chromebook to Wi-Fi.
  3. At the bottom right, select the time.
  4. Select Settings .
  5. Select Menu About Chrome OS.
  6. Under “Google Chrome OS,” you’ll see which version of the Chrome operating system your Chromebook is using.
  7. Select Check for Updates.





  1. Hello…
    My Chromebook was on Version 96 before I ran the repair utility now it has been on version 94 for three days and won’t upgrade back up to version 96


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