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Change Desktop Wallpaper ChromebookThere are several options for Chromebook desktop wallpaper.  Like Windows and Apple laptops, Chromebooks include plenty of wallpaper options for your desktop. There are many different default options, but some users will want more. Almost anything is more exciting than some of the default desktop image options. Fortunately, it is very easy to change a background picture on ChromeOS. Below are some instructions on how to change the background picture on a Chromebook and some links to sites that have cool background images to download.


Change Chromebook Background Wallpaper

Before finding the best background image for your desktop, you might want to refresh yourself on how to set this picture as a background image.

Use wallpaper from Chromebook

  1. Right-click your desktop and select Set wallpaper.
  2. Click one of the images to set your wallpaper. You can also get a randomly selected image by checking the box next to Surprise me. The built-in wallpaper browser in ChromeOS has a “Surprise Me” button that chooses a new wall-paper every day “at random”.

Google has some great desktop wallpaper options that come default. However, some users may want to use their own custom Chromebook wallpaper. This is when it may be useful to use the instructions below


Use a custom wallpaper on Chromebook

In addition to the dozens of pre-installed options available, you also have the ability to use your own image file as Chromebook wallpaper.

  1. If you haven’t yet, download an image (.png or .jpg) from the web that you’d like as your wallpaper. If you’re having trouble setting your wallpaper, make sure the image is in a supported format  (.png or .jpg).
  2. Click the Launcher and select All Apps.
  3. Select Files.
  4. In the left column, click Downloads. If you choose an image in your Downloads folder just be careful to back it up and restore it after a powerwash or full recovery.
  5. Right-click the image you want as your wallpaper, then click Set wallpaper.

Some Chromebook administrators may not allow changing the desktop background this way. If the instructions do not work, ask them for permission to do this.


Find the Best Chromebook Desktop Wallpapers

Many users will want to download desktop background wallpaper. One thing to remember when doing this is to be sure of your screen resolution. You will want to download background images that match the screen resolution of the Chromebook that you are using. If you are using an extension to do this automatically, the extension will download wallpaper that is ideal for your Chromebook’s screen resolution. Some of these applications will automatically sets a beautiful high definition image as the desktop wallpaper on Chromebooks and other Chrome OS devices. New wallpaper on every restart. Users can manually change the wallpaper anytime.


Best Chromebook Wallpaper Extensions

Google Wallpaper Art – Google has a Wallpaper Art app that you can download. With this app, you’ll see wallpaper masterpieces ranging from Van Gogh and Monet, all the way to contemporary works from street artists around the world. The artwork is refreshed every day. Art Project masterpieces from Google Cultural Institute as your wallpaper. Google does offer Chrome extensions that will change your new tab page to show images from the Google Art Project or satellite photos from Google Earth. These will work on Windows, Mac, and Linux, too.

Bing Desktop Wallpaper Extension – Download the Wallpaper from Bing for Chromebook™. This extension automatically sets Bing’s image of the day as the desktop wallpaper on Chromebooks and other ChromeOS devices.

HD Wallpapers for Chromebook™ Down the HD Wallpapers for Chromebook™  Beautiful HD wallpapers for Chromebook and other Chrome OS devices.Automatically sets a beautiful high definition image as the desktop wallpaper on Chromebooks and other Chrome OS devices.New wallpaper on every restart. Users can manually change the wallpaper anytime.Works only on Chromebooks and other Chrome OS devices. Not for Windows, macOS or Linux.


Best Website for Chromebook Custom Wallpaper

There are many excellent websites for downloading Chromebook wallpaper. When getting some new background images, it is very important to understand what your screen resolution is. This will ensure that you are getting the best sized image for your Chromebook.



Wallhaven Alpha is a gateway to the popular wallpaper hub They have an app allows you to search for wallpapers, tags, view latest or random wallpapers, favourite, save, set your wallpaper or lockscreen and even dynamically set your wallpaper/lockscreen/live tile with a random image at specified intervals!

Desktop Nexus

Download free computer wallpapers, pictures, and desktop backgrounds. A unique community with something for everyone!

Digital Blasphemy

Hi-res original 3d-rendered computer desktop wallpapers created by Ryan Bliss. The public gallery images are FREE to use as your personal desktop wallpaper


A well stocked and popular wallpaper sharing site.

The Paper Wall

Lots of high qualify desktop background images.


A couple more sites include and, but a Google search gets you to many options pretty quickly.



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