Best Chromebook Apps for Teachers

Best Chromebook Apps for TeachersThe best Chromebook apps for teachers list provides some amazing apps that teachers can use to help students learn. These top Google Apps for education will make Chromebooks more powerful in the classroom by having access to the right software.

Download Best Chromebook Apps for Teachers

You can download all of these in the Chrome Apps and Chrome Extensions available in the Chrome Web Store.  Explore the Chrome Web Store periodically for new apps and extensions to bring to your classroom. On the left-hand side, you will find categories, including a category for education. If you look at the higher rated Chromebook apps, these are programs that other teachers have had success using Chromebooks in the classroom with.

What are Chromebook Apps for Education?

Chromebook Apps are often enhanced shortcuts that optimize the website or app within the browser. Unlike other educational software, Chromebook apps run within the Chrome browser. Some Chromebook apps for education require additional installation and set-up. Chrome must be running to access these applications. Sometimes these Chromebook apps will run offline. These apps are great in educational environments where there is not any internet.



What are Chrome Extensions for Education?

Extensions are installed in the browser and give you added features and abilities to customize your browser. These Chrome extensions for education often make websites run better or have additional features. Remember, running too many extensions at once can slow your computer down. The list below includes Chromebook Apps and Chrome extensions for classrooms.


Top Chromebook Apps and Chrome Extensions for Education

3D Solar System Web – Explore the Solar System in 3D, all in your Chrome Browser

AddieMath – Learn Math! Master Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division with this fun, simple math game for grades 1-5.

AddThis – Easy way to share information across social networks.

Autocopy – Automatically copies text or links when they are selected. Imagine how many times a day you click Control or Command + C. Now, you don’t have to!

Awesome ScreenShot – Capture a whole page or just a portion. It also includes tools for annotation.

Booktrack Classroom is an excellent Chromebook app, and website that allows students to create their own stories, and add a soundtrack to the reading.

ClassCharts – Class charts – data rich seating plans & behaviour management.

CloudConvert – convert anything to anything – CloudConvert is a online file conversion utility. More than 200 different formats are supported:

DocAppender – Google Form Add On that appends Google Form question responses to the bottom of selected Google Docs.

Diigo Web App – Places a button on your browser window and links to your Diigo account for easy bookmarking, web highlighting, and sharing.

Easy Accents – This Add-on allows users to easily insert accents for different languages directly from a sidebar in their Google Doc.

EDpuzzle – EDpuzzle empowers teachers to make any video your lesson. Crop a video, explain it with your own voice and embed quizzes at any time

Flat – Flat lets you write sheet music with your friends in real time with a nice music notation editor. Create and edit your music score documents inside your Chrome browser in realtime with your friends or colleagues.

Ginger – This extension corrects your spelling and grammar. – Plot mathematical functions with this graphing utility, is an online and open-source graphing utility.

IE Tab – IE Tab allows you to view web pages optimized for Internet Explorer while in Chrome.

Incredible StartPage – A new, customizable start page for Chrome. Easily find your favorite bookmarks and closed tabs. Take notes as you browse.

Joliprint – Use the Joliprint extension to turn web pages into sharp looking PDF for printing, saving or reading later.

Language Immersion  – Switches words and phrases on any website into a foreign language so that you are immersed in the new language as you read. Click the word or phrase to translate it back. This is a great tool for those learning a foreign language!

Lensoo Create turns your Chromebook into a virtual whiteboard with voice recording, video and smooth digital writing.

Movenote for Education – Present your documents with video. When writing is no longer enough – Movenote provides the fastest way to speak out. Add your favorite content from whatever source you want, and record video alongside to it with your computer, tablet or smartphone.

Panic Button – Closes all open tabs in a Chrome window. Click the extension again to reopen them all.

Padlet Mini – Collect and bookmark the best of web for yourself or with friends.

Piktochart is a Chromebook app for creating infographic posters.

QR Reader Beta – With this extension you can scan a QR code fast and directly from right click (context) menu of your browser.

Read&Write – This extension will highlight as it read aloud your Google Docs. It also provides a Dictionary, Picture Finder, Fact Finder, Translator, Highlighter, and Vocabulary tool. This is a great tool, but there is now a charge to use it.

Readability – Readability is a web and mobile app that zaps clutter and saves web articles in a comfortable reading view.

Right Inbox for Gmail – Schedule emails in Gmail to be sent later. Create recurring emails, set reminders and follow up conversations.

RoboCompass – Teach Geometry using 3D realistic Straight Edge, Compass, Protractor, Set Square and Pencil.

Save as PDF – Lets you download web pages into PDF format.

Select and Speak – Another accessibility extension, Select and Speak will narrate any web text to students. They can highlight sections and have it read to them at various speeds. Good for ESL or ELL students practicing their English reading.

SpeakIt! – Select text, and it will read it to you.

ShortenMe – Quickly shorten links with, copy them to the clipboard, and generate QR codes.

Similar Pages – Discover webpages similar to the page you’re currently browsing.

Symbaloo Bookmarker – Symbaloo is a visual way to navigate the Internet. Touch or click on icons to get quick and easy access to your daily personal online life or simply use it as a kick start to find knowledge from experts on any subject you can think of.

Tab Cloud -Ever had a zillion tabs open that you would like to save? TabCloud allows you to save the tabs that you have open. Simply open all the tabs you want for your presentation/class, save them with TabCloud, and then when it comes time to present or for your class, open up TabCloud and click on the tabs you want to appear. They will all populate!

Turn Off the Lights – You can dim the background when videos are playing.  Useful to eliminate inappropriate advertising in YouTube videos.  Shows up in address bar.

Useful Periodic Table – Useful Periodic Table provides a quick lookup of element properties and quizzes for students. – Another one that’s not an extension, but it’s an awesome new Drive app. Take notes as you watch a video. The notes sync with the time of the video, and it fully integrates with Drive. You can check it out before getting the app at

World Data Atlas – Key statistics, data and visualizations about the world and world’s countries and regions at your fingertips


Chromebook for Teachers

Chromebooks are a simple, secure, and shareable device teachers and students can use to create and collaborate. Make learning more engaging with these Chromebook apps


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