Best Business Chromebook Apps

Best Business Chromebook AppsBusinesses are starting to use Chromebooks more and more. From collaboration apps to developer extensions, powerful add-ons open up Chromebooks for business. Chrome apps can make you more productive, whether you’re using a full Chromebook laptop or just running Google’s Chrome Web browser.


Using a Chromebook for Business

Whether you want to create and edit documents, take notes, maintain a to-do list or manage a business meeting, there’s a Chrome app that can help you do it. Some of these apps require an active Internet connection, while others have robust offline functionality. Chromebooks are appealing to businesses of all sizes due to their mobility, ease of use and affordability. Chromebooks are a great option for people who primarily work within the Chrome OS and cloud-based environment.


Best Chromebook Apps for Business

Google Docs is a Web-based document management application for creating and editing private and public, word processing and spreadsheet documents. Businesses can get a special subscription based version of Google Docs.


Citrix Receiver – With the release of the Citrix Receiver Tech Preview, Chromebooks now have access to Windows applications–if, that is, your company is set up with Citrix (it will host the applications) and has Citrix Receiver for Chrome OS infrastructure, and you have a mycitrix login and the URL from your company’s help desk.


Brightpearl – If your business deals in physical goods, Brightpearl will track them for you. You can manage customers, sales, inventory, suppliers, quotes and orders, and purchasing. Brightpearl is also built to scale up gracefully when things really take off. It has built-in bookkeeping tools, plus tools for businesses that deal in time and services.


Wave Accounting  If you’re looking for an alternative to Quickbooks that you can run from the cloud, Wave Accounting will manage your invoicing and business finances for free. Wave Accounting also integrates with the FreshBooks online billing service for accepting payments. With its collaboration options, you can invite your accountant, bookkeeper, and advisors to work with you. You can create invoices in many currencies and add taxes, and then track it all with accountant-friendly reports. Wave can also generate professional accounting reports and balance sheets, and it lets you accept credit card payments so customers can pay online when you send an invoice. The app can also help you track your personal finances so you know where your money is going, which is a perk for small business owners. – See more at:


Cloud9 The Cloud9 IDE was among the first tools to show that one could program code effectively from a cloud-based environment like the Chromebook. The tool has grown since it was first introduced and has evolved into a reliable development platform, with the ability to invite team members to your files so that you can work on shared code.


HipChat HipChat is a great team collaboration tool, offering chat, video calling, screen sharing, and integrations into a wide array of workplace tools. Fortunately for Chromebook users, the HipChat Web app is as functional and well-designed as the dedicated applications for Windows and OS X. It has a clean interface and keeps you connected with pop-up notifications and a number icon on your browser tab to indicate new messages.


Office 365 Just because your business has gone all-in with Microsoft for Office 365 doesn’t mean you can’t work on your files from a Chromebook. CEO Satya Nadella’s new “cloud first, mobile first” strategy is on display here, as the Office online tools are reasonably strong in the browser. There’s no dedicated Chrome app, so you’ll simply need to bookmark your sign-in page. The only drawback is that the online versions of Microsoft’s suite all tend to be underpowered compared to desktop editions, limiting some of the functionality you might otherwise have access to on a Mac or PC.


Google Keep is a straightforward app for taking notes, creating to-do lists, saving images and more. The Chrome version of the app brings Google Keep to your desktop, so you can view your notes on your work PC. It lets you quickly add a note, create a checklist or add an image with a few clicks. And if you want to add a reminder to a note, just click the bell icon and select the time you’d like to receive an alert. You can easily add items to an existing to-do list, or check an item off with one click. And because Google Keep has built-in text-recognition software, you can search for text written or printed in saved images.


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