Are Chromebook Repairs Worth it?

chromebook repairChromebooks have been around for a while now. For many users, a Chromebook repair may be necessary. The big issue is if paying Chromebook repair costs are worth it. It may be cheaper to buy a new Chromebook than repair an old one. You can buy must Chromebooks for between $200-300 a computer. A repair for something simple may cost atleast $100, mainly in labor. Thus, depending on the repair, it may make sense to buy a new computer.


Repair vs. Buy a New Chromebook

The initial cost of a Chromebook is generally far less expensive that traditional computers.  (But the greatest cost savings of Chromebooks are in the areas of implementation, support and maintenance.)  Chromebooks are generally less expensive in part due to manufacturing decisions such as (in some models) making the RAM an integral part of the mainboard;  While this reduces cost, integrating discrete parts makes local repair of a Chromebook less feasible.  While it might make financial sense to spend $300 to repair a $1,500 legacy computer, spending $300 to repair a $199 Acer C720 would be financially indefensible.

Common Chromebook Repairs

  • LCD Replacement
  • Plastic Casings
  • Keyboard / Palmrest / Trackpad Issues
  • Battery Issues
  • Charge Port
  • USB Port Issues
  • Cracked Screen
  • Sticky Keys
  • Hinge Repair

How Much Does it Cost to Repair a Chromebook?

It may cost between $50 to $200 to repair a Chromebook. This will be mostly for labor as Chromebook parts are typically very cheap.For most people, the decision to replace a computer comes down to cost. Since a basic desktop computer starts at around $300 and a laptop around $500, most people consider replacing their system when a repair will cost $300 or more. However, there are a few hidden expenses to keep in mind before you buy a new PC.


Contact Chromebook Manufacturers

Acer help site | (866) 695-2237

ASUS help site | Chat with us | (888) 678-3688

Chromebook Pixel (2013 & 2015) | Request a call

Dell help site | (800) 624-9897

Haier help site | (877) 337-3639

Hisense help site | (888) 935-8880

HP help site | (800) 474-6836

Lenovo help site | (800) 426-7378

LG help site | (800) 243-0000

Samsung help site | Chat with us | (800) 726-7864

Toshiba help site | (800) 457-7777


  1. My screen goes black and when I git the back it fixes, but now I have broke the screen. Do you know how much it is to fix?

  2. Chromebook does not have a serial number…and, a different number instead of the one quoted above (877-453-6686). Just for your information.
    Was transferred to one tech group and then another, only to be hung up on. This is going on now for 2 days. I am not happy about the lack of service at this company.

  3. Yesterday, while I was busy in a party, I forgot to move out the chromebook from that area due to which excess water was spilled on my device. Now, its not even turning on. What to do?

  4. hey to be honest my bros broke my Chromebook screen and the bottom of my key board how much money will that be to repair both of them


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