Evernote App for ChromeBook

Evernote for Android is a full-featured app that was designed for a wide variety devices, screens and form-factors. The decision to make one of the first native Chromebook Apps is just a natural extension of the product line. For Chrome OS, the Evernote team adapted the app to work with a keyboard and mouse. You get the full desktop Evernote experience on a flexible, affordable device. This will be the typical pattern as more and more app makers begin to develop Chromebook apps that will run offline on a Chromebook


Review of Evernote Chromebook App

The Evernote Chromebook app generally works great. The biggest obvious new function will be the ability to seamlessly sync all Evernote files for off-line viewing. When turning the WIFI off, all of the functions and searchability remain present. Another interesting feature is the ability I to upload a .pdf to it, and annotate that .pdf in the ChromeOS Evernote app.

After playing around for some minutes, the user realizes that i s nice to finally have a way to quickly create an Evernote but it feels clearly like a crutch. When using the Chromebook app, the user will quickly realize that is basically an android app in a container. You cannot download pdfs to anywhere else in chromeOS, you have the original android shortcuts “pin to homescreen” which don’t do anything and the emulation overhead seems quite high. Initially, this has been the experience of most users with the first few native Chromebook OS apps.

Android Lite Version Chromebook Apps

Most of these initial apps are just Andriod lite versions of the app, but hopefully in the future more robust Chromebook Apps will appear and users will begin to see more functionality of using their laptops when there is not access to WIFI.

Evernote already has a pretty great website (I don’t use the product, that’s their opinion, not mine) which can obviously be used already on Chromebook, but I can definitely see the value in being able to port certain apps over that otherwise don’t translate well to using within a browser.

Currently, the only apps available for Chromebook are:

  • Duolingo – a fun and free way to learn a new language before your next trip
  • Evernote – write, collect and find what matters to you, with a full-size keyboard and touchscreen
  • Sight Words – a delightful way for you to help improve your child’s reading skills
  • Vine – create short, beautiful, looping videos in a simple and fun way


Some users note that it is lacking full screen capabilities, but that will most likely come in future updates.


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