20 Reasons to Buy a Chromebook Instead of Tablet

Why should someone buy a Chromebook? Why are Chromebooks better than a table? How do Chromebooks compare to an iPad?

The following list should help, compiled from real Chromebook users, along with the other Chromebook reviews on this site:

20 Reasons Why People Love Chromebooks

  1. The Chromebook is a great computer for academics: it’s highly portable and great for taking notes, habitually using Google docs prevents you from jeopardizing your semester with an end-of-term crash, and at this price point it’s a smart complement to a desktop and doesn’t feel like an expensive liability.
  2. Had a tablet. Not having a physical keyboard made me angry.
  3. I believe in ChromeOS. I think it’s going to be a driving force in the future. I wanted a machine that isn’t over priced and does exactly what I need it to do – That is where chromebooks fit in.
  4. Tablets go to mobile Internet sites. I wanted something that could access full websites, but not as expensive as a full laptop. I am not sure about other tablets but I also wanted an HDMI and USB ports.
  5. I need a laptop with a good battery and was light and portable in my backpack. Almost all Chromebooks can do this.
  6. It’s cheap enough that it’s worth finding out. I use it like I use my MacBook. Anything I use a laptop for, it’s good for. Only downside is shitty word processing, but I haven’t done that in years.
  7. I spend a few hours writing most days, so I reasoned that a Chromebook would simplify my life. It has. I only have to keep my old Windows laptop around now for a few purposes. I never open it up on a typical day, but I use my Chromebook all the time.
  8. The main reason I purchased my Acer Chromebook is because I love buying gadgets, seriously.
  9. On my desktop I rarely open any other app besides chrome. Chromebooks start up fast , has everything I need and just works. None of the baggage that comes with windows. Can easily install linux. Tablets are best for media consumption. They are not good for getting work done. And chromebook is better for surfing the internet.
  10. I’m a student, I needed something I could use to take notes in class. I already use Chrome so the UI is familiar. I like the security features of it.
  11. I’ll throw money at anything shiny that says Google on it.
  12. Tried one out. It did 90% of the things I do daily on a PC, as well as they were being done on the PC, but faster. The fact that it updates automatically, has no viruses and boots up in about 5 seconds, were just things to solidify that I’d made the right decision.
  13. $250 for a great laptop that I can put linux on and do whatever I need to get done. Crouton man, ChromeOS beside Xubuntu pure linux baby!
  14. For anything I’m going to do aside from playing games it’s as good as a traditional laptop and about half the cost. It also doesn’t come infected with windows or iOS, so that’s nice too.
  15. I have a iPad, Chromebook and basic Kindle. The Kindle gets used for 100% of any book reading I do, its just the perfect device for that. The Chromebook is what I do most of my document editing on. The iPad is what I do all my entertainment viewing on though and what I probably use the most.
  16. I own both a tablet (Google Nexus 7) and an Acer C720p Chromebook. In fact, since owning the Chromebook, I found myself using the tablet less while I am at home. With only seconds to boot, looking things up with a real keyboard and much bigger screen, I usually find the online information I need much faster than on a tablet.
  17. Content. Creation. That’s the only thing you need to know to justify a Chromebook. Tablets aren’t quite there, yet. Taking lecture notes, you want a hardware keyboard most of the time. Composing business emails, ditto. The same goes with Writing a lengthy paper or report, building a presentation from scratch and many other “content creation” activities.
  18. You can hook up to external hard-drives, USB drives, HDMI TV’s, and insert SD cards without searching for adapters and special work around software
  19. Very quick set up if you already have a Google account-from the box to daily use in less than 5 minutes.
  20. Lastly, they are fun! Chromebooks are easy to use which makes them more fun for users who do not need the full PC experience.

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