Best Chromebook Case Cover Sleeve

best-chromebook-case-cover-sleeveChromebook cases and Chromebook Sleeves are designed to protect your Chromebook from damage while adding some style that makes them look awesome! The guide to Chromebook cases will help you decide which one fits and looks best on your 11″, 13″, or 14″  Chromebook. Remember to get the Case or Sleeve that matches your  notebooks size! The most popular size of a Chromebook case is 11.6 inches, but there are many other Chromebook covers of other sizes that will protect your laptop. Getting the right size is important because a wrong shaped Chromebook case will not provide any protection. Check out these Chromebook hard shell cases.


Best Chromebook Case Reviews

We will review cases that fit lenovo, ASUS, Acer, Dell, Samsung, Toshiba, HP and other brands of Chromebooks and discuss their suitability for each model. Neoperene cases are great for protecting Chromebooks that are placed into backpacks or other bags where they might be compressed against other objects. A good Chromebook case or sleeve will extend the life of your computer and prevent it from getting damaged. Some Chromebook cases are even water resistant and will protect your computer against water damage.

Below are some of the best Chromebook cases available on the internet. Most of the Chromebook cases and Chromebook protective sleeves fit many different sizes of laptops. Again, bee sure that you are getting the right size for your Chromebook when buying one of these laptop cases and laptop sleeves.


Case Logic Chromebook Case or Chromebook Sleeve


Case Logic has always made excellent cases for laptops and netbooks. Their padded Chromebook cases are also excellent and provide a high level of protection when you are moving your computer around frequently. It is a very simple Chromebook case and does not have many extra pockets or features. Form-fitting sleeve ensures a precise fit for your Chromebook or Ultra book with up to an 11.6 inch display. Also, priced very well and available in tons of colors. More information about Case Logic LAPS-111 10 – 11.6 -Inch Chromebook/Netbook Sleeve (Black)


AmazonBasics Chromebook Case

Amazon produces a very simple yet excellent form-fitting sleeve with quick top-loading access for Chromebooks and MacBook Air laptops. Slightly cheaper than the Case Logic but very similar. The AmazonBasics brand has really come a long way and is comparable to many other products being offer. This Chromebook enclosure is appropriately called a Sleeve, because it correctly conveys it’s main attribute of minimal bulk. It’s for users who want to avoid scratches and cosmetic damage and offers a way to store or transport your laptop under your arm or nested in a larger bag. This case in particular would work great with one of the 11.6″ Samsung or Acer Chromebook. More about: AmazonBasics 11.6-Inch Laptop Sleeve for Chromebooks


AmCase Chromebook Case/Sleeve

This 11.6-inch Chromebook Sleeve is a great case for Acer Chromebook 11, C720,C720P/ HP Stream 11 Laptop, Chromebook 11/ Samsung Chromebook 2. It is made from a protective Neoprene Cushion Material with Handle. The handle is a nice feature for those who also want some kind of case that they can carry around easily. There is a seamless wrap of Impact Foam padding that provides top to bottom protection from small drops. Lastly, this Chromebook Case has a nifty feature of additional storage space for cables and other Chromebook accessories. More information about: amCase® 11.6-inch Sleeve/Case for Acer Chromebook 11, C720,C720P/ HP Stream 11 Laptop, Chromebook 11/ Samsung Chromebook 2 /Apple MacBook Air/ and other Notebook Laptop Protective Neoprene Cushion Material with Handle (BLACK)


Meffort Inc Neoprene Chromebook Case

This is a great Chromebook case for people looking for something with a little color or more artistic. These Chromebook cases come with many designs and in all sorts of colors. It fits all laptop size up to 11.6″. Fits laptop dimension up to: 11.7″ (297mm) x 8.5″ (215mm). There is a small handle, however, the clutch handles are attached on the inside of the bag which means you can not zip the bag all the way. The strap also does not seem like it will last that long, but overall this could be a great Chromebook case for someone tired of the basic ones mentioned earlier. More information about: Meffort Inc® 11.6 Inch Neoprene Laptop / Ultrabook / Chromebook Bag Carrying Sleeve with Hidden Handle and Adjustable Shoulder Strap (Art Design)


rooCase Super Bubble for Chromebooks

This is another great Chromebook case that would be appropriate for Asus, Acer, and other smaller Chromebooks. It features a Super Bubble protective shock absorbing foam interior that really provides a lot of protection. Available in Dark Blue, Neon Green, Pink, Orange and Red. This case is absolutely perfect and exceeded my expectations. The price is very reasonable. It is not a bulky Chromebook which allows for easy carrying &/or travel. The zippers have a nice grip and the case looks nice overall. More Information about:rooCASE Super Bubble Neoprene Sleeve Case for Acer AC700 Chromebook 11.6-Inch Laptop and Microsoft Surface Pro 3 (Black / Dark Blue)


Other Recommended Chromebook Cases and Chromebook Sleeves